Becoming a Musician … How Does THAT Happen??

Being musical is a fact of being human. From cave man times through the tribal era right though to modern day recorded music, humans are naturally inclined to musicality. So how do we go from listener or aficionado to player or even creator of music?

For many of us this starts in the living room in front of the piano, singing with family members or to one’s self when no one is watching.   For others, it starts with a guitar and a quiet corner of the house such as the bedroom or garage. For me it was the campfire. And not any campfire,  but
the collective community campfires out at Mameo Beach,  Alberta where I grew up. If you haven’t seen Mike’s rendition of ‘Needle and Damage Done’ go have a look on our Youtube channel–you can check out Mameo in that video. Check out the ATB Youtube Channel Here.

The campfire was a place for anyone and everyone to try their hand at picking or singing or banging a drum or tambourine.  And every summer I make a point of planning a trip back over some long weekend or other so I’ll hit the prime campfire jam time. ..some of my best memories come from those musical moments with John Denver, Johnny Cash, Neil Young and the Beatles…don’t be scared to just ‘pick up and play’….




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