Gear Aquisition Syndrome

Gear Aquisition Syndrome or GAS as Thomas Smith of Across The Board calls it, is the affliction suffered by most musicians and musical gear afficionados whereby the purchase of a new instrument or tool to create, produce, or perform music is superceded only by the capacity of one’s wallet.

Case in point: newest GAS purchase – a sweet guitarele by Yamaha. This cross between a ukulele and classical guitar is tuned to third fret 3 capo guitar with nylon strings and the neck width of a classical guitar. Easy to pack and carry and play and hide and perform with on the fly…love love love this little thing….


Check out the new resonator ukulele used in the performance of ‘Bad Timing’ in the the latest episode (21) of ‘Pick Up and Play’ at..: Pick Up and Play  – “One Take Live Sessions”



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