David Bowie: A Tribute To Starman

Across The Board’s Tribute To Starman: “Space Oddity”

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David Bowie’s Songs: Never Simple

I remember David Bowie as a kid–Ziggy Stardust, a skinny man with makeup and no shirt–sparkles, glitter and busting the boundaries between what was masculine and not, what was music and drama, rock & roll and new pop. Later I remember trying to play Bowie songs on my guitar and wondering how he came up with those chord progressions and seemingly asymmetric strange song structures that just seemed to work. “Space Oddity” may be one of his most famous, most played, most covered songs–but it is by no means simple. A gorgeous story of a man on a sole mission to space, who is not coming home. And as Bowie drifts off into the ethereal himself, he most certainly will not be forgotten.

Astronaut Chris Hadfielf Sings “Space Oddity” From Space!

It’s no wonder Commander Chris Hadfield covered Bowie’s “Space Oddity” literally from space 2 years ago aboard the International Space Station. What a thrill that must have been for Hadfield! And how emotional it was for the rest of us to watch the first time. I watched it again today, the revised version, in tribute to the great man. And although Hadfield is no Bowie, he is an astronaut on a mission in space and I wonder how very proud Mr. Bowie was to watch that live! I regret not having searched for his immediate reaction.

Bowie The Super Starman

Born David Robert Jones on the 8th of January 1947 , to pass nearly 69 years later to the date David Bowie is known for his contribution to the arts as a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor and painter. He sold over 140 million records and has been awared 13 platinum records between the UK and US and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996–30 years after his career began.

Married to the famous supermodel and actress Iman, Bowie released his last album “Blackstar” only days before his death January 10th from an 18 month battle with liver cancer.

Bowie has been reported to have been secretly cremated in a private ceremony with no formal memorial, although people around the world have held several vigils and memorials in his name, including a 500 person choir rendition of “Space Oddity” at The AGO in Toronto last week.

ATB Covers Bowie

Across The Board wished to cover “Space Oddity” with as much respect as possible paid to the music and the Starman–thus the simulated space ship, and professional shooting by Kat Webber–ATB member and editor for Panic and Bob here in Toronto. Miriam Drysdale, Mirian Kay, Zach Sutton and Iliya Vee guest featured in the video alongside ATB band members Jackie Auguste, Andy Ramjattan, and Marty Heller.

Please click here to see our Tribute to Starman “Space Oddity”.

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Across The Board Music Canada is a rock band based in Toronto Canada with a weekly Youtube Cover Song Series.





—cheers—-and farewell Starman—–you will be dearly missed and most fondly remembered.




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