ATB To Hit TV in Barrie Tues March 28

On Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 11:00 am, catch the gang performing a short acoustic set for Roger’s cable in Barrie on Daytime Live. We will be making our first ever TV debut and are super excited to share all the cool things happening with the band and play for the TV audience and studio folks at Rogers.


Coming up for ATB:

April 22; Canadian Music Week at Grace O’Malley’s 8:00pm

We are so excited to play an official showcase at CMW at Gracies this year–a fab pub in the heart of the entertainment district in Toronto! We will be playing song from our newest release (coming up) “Amends” and tunes off our debut album “Jane On Fire”.

May 29 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto 10:15 pm

ATB will be back at the Horseshoe for another night of great music, fun, drinks and dancing. We hit the stage May 29 at 10:15 pm–the weather should be awesome by then! The sound is so good inside the Horseshoe and we had such a great show the last time we were there.

June 17 Cameron House: EP Release “Amends”

We are releasing our new EP “Amends” at our show at The Cameron House June 17, 2017–mark your calendars. We are also searching for a band to play with us that night! Any ideas? What Toronto band do you think would be a good fit? Comment below. If we pick your recommendation, you get free tickets, T shirts and CDs!

Visit us at for more info. Follow us here, on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!


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