Swinging With Across The Board

We did it. We covered Sia’s “Chandelier”–but with a twist! A reggae twist! Yup, we mash up this pop hit into a reggae smash. The best part of the studio session this week was the photo shoot where we each found a way to swing from a chandelier and avoid falling into the dark abyss!


Check out the video at: http://youtu.be/gKJpk4u0J5o featuring the shredding stylings of lead guitarist Parry Nitchos and the reggae smash-ability of Paul Nanuwa along with the gorgeous vocals of Julian Peter, Catalina Auguste and Nat Remplakowski!

Episode 49 Chandelier by Sia

Julian Peter: vocals and guitar
Parry Nitchos: lead guitar
Paul Nanuwa: drums
Andy Ramjattan: bass
Nat Novak Remplakowski: vocals
Jackie Auguste: guitar and vocals
Catalina Auguste: vocals

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