Meet Paul Nanuwa ATB’s Multi-Instrumentalist!

Meet Paul Nanuwa

Born and raised in Leicester, England moved to Toronto, Canada when he was 12. At present, Paul is an active session drummer in the city. He has performed on many stages around the world from concert theatre shows to festival stages. Paul has been learning and performing drums/percussion, guitar, bass, keys as well as East Indian percussion instruments and even noodles on some brass, woodwinds. Basically, Paul has the ability to pick up any instrument and can make it sound the way it should. Ever since he can remember, Paul always enjoyed singing and has been involved in choirs and jazz vocal groups too. Paul joined ATB Music Canada because he loves a good challenge and enjoys sharing his passion for music with positive like minded individuals.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.40.00 AM (1)


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