New Things Happening At Across The Board~!


I don’t know where to start. There are so many new things happening it’s getting crazy around here! The ATB studios are buzzing these days and we have a gazillion things on the go and coming up just for you!

First of all, we want to welcome back original ATB’er Julian Peter to the project. He’s been off creating loads of amazing video footage for his assorted projects and work with Bensimon and Felideye in and around Toronto. He’s back for the upcoming episode of “Pick Up and Play” — “Secrets” by One Republic! And rumor has it, he’s sticking around! Can’t wait to show you this one.

Image11Paul Nanuwa, Parry Nitchos and Marty Heller have found their respective grooves here at ATB and we’re extremely fortunate to be able to bring you these highly creative multi instrumentalists week after week as they make each episode of Pick Up and Play better than the last!

We are finally starting work on new album, Mosaic, slated for release in the Summer of 2015. We’ve been writing up a storm and continue to complete the new tunes to bring you some ATB originals that I’m certain you’ll enjoy as much as we are enjoying composing and arranging them. We’ll be sharing the album creation journey with you here at WordPress as it takes shape.

We’ve added a new VLOG (video log) to the end of our Pick Up and Play episodes on Youtube where you can meet the gang and get a behind the scenes look at Across The Board. We also have a new website for the show at where you can see what’s coming up and have a look at some of the older episodes you might have missed or would like to see again.

Finally, we announced a new contest last week for the upcoming 52nd episode and first year anniversary of Pick Up and Play…we’d like to have you come and hang out with us in the ATB studios for a video shoot–and if you play an instrument, you can come and join us! If you are in or near the Greater Toronto Area you will have the opportunity to come visit us in the studio in person and meet the crew. If you are not close by, then we will have you in via Skype or FaceTime as a special guest! You just have to sign up to the mailing list to enter at:

So here are the links, join us, share, like, check us out and sign up on the mailing list for more great contests, free downloads, sneak peaks and more..links are here below.

This Week’s Episode:
Episode 46 presents “Kite” by U2, cover for “Pick Up and Play” by Across The Board (ATB).

Parry Nitchos: vocals and guitar
Paul Nanuwa: vocals and drums
Andy R: guitar
Marty Heller: vocals and Pedal Steel Guitar
Jackie Auguste: vocals and piano

Please like the video if you enjoy it, check us out on this playlist for other Pick Up and Play Live one take music videos and follow us on all the usual places.

AcrossTheBoard presents “Pick Up and Play”, a series of live session one-take music videos featuring some of our favorite tunes and artists.

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