Acoustic Covers as a Trend

Whether it’s the fault of the ‘coffee house’ movement with indie folk tunes alongside your double half caf vanilla bean soy latè  or Sirius Radio’s ‘Coffee House’ acoustic satellite radio station, the acoustic genre and covers are making a huge comeback.

From YouTube sensations like Walk Of the Earth to Boyce Avenue (I’ve got tickets in the fall) the internet is filled with uploaded gems of bands performing sweet mellow dialed back sparce unplugged versions of our favorite songs.

The heavier rock bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam unplugged themselves for MTV even  before the hipster caffeinated nylon string and finger plucking craze began.

I love listening to covers of great rock tunes reworked by unknown indie artists. It not only throws a respectful nod to really great music but has created a unique genre unto itself of easy listening, familiar, yet novel tunes.

And on that note. ..check out our covers of ‘Otherside’ by the Chile Peppers and ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon to see how we do acoustic covers ATB style on our Youtube channel. ..



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