Living a Musical Life…


There is always something musical going on in the ATB house in Toronto.  Whether it’s a rehearsal,  recording session,  garage jam or various youtube  webisode we are working on including ‘pick up and play’ , ‘thenshesaid’ or ‘manic monday’… guitars, drums, keyboards and other clamor is most often heard…..If not, then someone is usually tucked away in a corner writing or editing something creative.

We live in a home with a small studio in Toronto with a larger one under construction in the basement. Ok from the outside it may look like a house. But the back yard has a stage…how many houses have a stage in the backyard? Ours does. And why not? You can see it in several of our videos including this one here: Emmy Lou by the Book Club

Thumb Bookclub

As some of you know, our backyard bashes usually go from planned performance time to open mic events by the end of the evening….check out our Youtube channel for ‘pick up and play‘ backyard sessions…. and any of our other videos and tunes from ATB.


Click for Thenshesaid and Manicmondays .


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