Across The Board Launches “Pick Up and Play” Live Music Session Webisodes


In an effort to showcase the “jamming” process of working together as an acoustic band, ATB members Jackie, Andy, Julian, Kat and Tamara have launched a weekly series of live session acoustic covers titled “Pick Up and Play”.

The Process? This:

1. Pick a song

2. Learn the chords

3. Rearrange it ATB style

4. Practice it a couple of times.

5. Record it and send it up to Youtube!

Simple but elegant–and super fun.

“So many times we’d be jamming some great tunes, coming up with a new acoustic version of either a recent release or an oldie, and then we’d kick ourselves for never recording it.” says Jackie Auguste, lead vocals and guitarist for the group.

Pick Up and Play is a great vehicle for not only keeping a chronicle of the group’s development musically, but gives the Youtube viewer and ATB fan an up-close-and-personal look at this group of Indie musicians at home in Toronto, Canada.

allmylovethumbyoutube GGG YOUTUBE THUMB BTB YOUTUBE THUMB thumb


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